Devastated to hear the news of the incredibly talented George Donaldson passing away. He was the sweetest man and the heart and soul of Celtic Thunder. He never failed to make me smile and meeting him was a dream come true. My thoughts and prayers go out to his daughter and wife. RIP George and NNGB♥

There are no words that can express my Sadness and Sorrow at the shock passing of a great friend George Donaldson. I Shared some of my greatest life moments with him. Those 5 years in Celtic Thunder I will never forget. Im gonna miss you bro. Thankyou for everything. God Bless. X. -Damian via Facebook

Damian McGinty talks about Cory Monteith (x)


Damian Mcginty on Cory Monteith’s death.


Anonymous asked :
I just... This blog. hnnnnnnng <333333 So many happy feels! McGinty is my biggest crush right now (and has been for almost like, a year) and he's one of my few celeb crushes that's closest to my age. Thank you for existing so I can get my fix of the beautiful Irishman that is Damian McGinty <33333

Thanks so much!<3 He is pretty damn perfect.

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losing followers like its my motherfucking job 

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